Club By-Laws

1. Admission to club premises – Visitors and Guests

    1. Members must sign in their guests using the visitor’s book and pay the appropriate fee as set out below.
    2. Names and addresses must be legibly printed and countersigned by the club member:- All guests / visitors must pay £1 for admission
    3. Admission to any club function may be restricted to members and pre-booked guests only.
    4. Members are fully responsible for their guests’ behaviour, adherence to club rules and Bye Laws.
    5. All members and visiting guests are encouraged to stand when the National Anthem is being played.
    6. All members and visiting guests shall conform to the standard of dress determined by the committee. This being:- Smart casual wear – no dirty work clothes – Jeans must be in a good condition. Tailored shorts of an acceptable length are permitted – Plain coloured sleeveless shirts are permitted – inappropriate clothing bearing offensive logos are not permitted.
    7. Under normal circumstances, members and guests will not wear headwear whilst on the premises. The only exception to this is: 1) When Club staff are working in the kitchen. 2) When there is a private function in the main hall where the room is not accessible by members. 3) On Remembrance Sunday when head wear is being worn as part of a uniform. 4) On occasion where there is a themed function where members and guests are invited to attend in fancy dress. 5) Other times when a specific request has been made and approved by a Committee or senior staff member.
    8. Business representatives and tradespeople who are not members cannot introduce guests into the club.
  1. Children and young people
    1. Children must be accompanied by and be under the control of their sponsors (parent / guardian) at all times.
    2. Continual disturbance or nuisance caused to members by children within the club will result in an official request for those responsible to leave the club.
    3. The stage area is out of bounds to all children.
    4. No person under 14 years old may use the dartboard.
    5. No person under 16 years old may use the pool table.
    6. No person under the age of 18 years old may purchase or consume intoxicating liquor on the club premises.
    7. No person may purchase intoxicating liquor for consumption for any person under the age of 18 years old.
    8. No person under the age of 18 years old may sit, stand or be served at the bar.
  2. Pets
    1. Dogs or other animals are permitted on the premises. Pets must be kept on a lead at all times. Further, even when on a lead, pets may not be left un-attended. They must be under the full control of a responsible person.
  3. Mobile phones
    1. Mobile phones on occasion may be requested to be switched to silent.
    2. Mobile phones may be charged on the premises but only using charging leads supplied by the club.
  4. Vehicle Parking
    1. The committee shall not accept responsibility for any loss or damage sustained to vehicles of any description left on or outside the club premises.
  5. Food and Drink
    1. Unless previously agreed by the committee in writing, only food and drink purchased within the club may be consumed on the premises.
    2. Food may only be prepared on club premises by authorised club personnel.
    3. In accordance with the clubs registered rule 15, the permitted opening times are displayed in the foyer, as are the kitchen opening hours.
  6. Dance Floor / Restricted Areas
    1. No drinks are permitted on the dance floor.
    2. No drinks, glasses or bottles are to be taken into the toilets.
  7. Complaints
    1. If any member has a just cause for a complaint against any member, servant or officer of the club, or regard to any other matter falling within the jurisdiction of the club committee; they should forward the details in writing to the club secretary for such action as deemed necessary by the committee.
  8. Personal Property
    1. The committee shall not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any article or monies left on the premises.
  9. Entertainment
    1. Entertainment will cease 10 minutes after time is called at the bar.
    2. Gaming machines will be switched off 20 minutes after time is called at the bar.
  10. Membership Applications
    1. Applicants name and those of their sponsors (who must be full members of the club) shall be on display for 14 days prior the application being considered for membership.
  11. Discipline
    1. Any member or officer of the committee elected under rule 18.1 is authorised to implement Rule 21 or the clubs Registered Rules in regard to any misconduct.
  12. Bicycles
    1. Members / Guests bicycles are not to be brought onto club premises.
  13. Club Function Tickets
    1. Tickets sold for club functions / events are not transferable to other members / guests and should be returned to a member of the committee in the event of the original purchaser being unable to attend a function / event. This is to allow the ticket to be re-sold to the first member on the official waiting list, whereupon any monies will be refunded to the original purchaser. The committee cannot guarantee that a ticket will be re-sold.
  14. Smoking
    1. Smoking on the premises is strictly forbidden in line with British law. Smoking is permitted outside of the Club and members and guests should use the smoking shelter provided.
    2. Vaping is permitted within the Club building, but members and guests are expected to exercise consideration when food is being consumed by others in the vicinity.
  15. Nominations for Committee or Officer of the Club
    1. For any person to apply to be proposed and seconded as a Committee member, that person must have served a period of no less than one calendar year as a fully paid up member.
    2. For any person to apply to be proposed and seconded as a Vice-Chairman, that person must have served a period of no less that one calendar year as a Committee member.
    3. For any person to apply to be proposed and seconded as Chairman, that person must have served a period of not less than two years as a Committee member.
    4. The Officers and Committee will at their discretion, examine each individual request on its own merits should there be sufficient justification to do so.
    5. In the event that this causes a conflict in terms of eligible availability within the Club membership, the Committee reserve the right to amend or rescind this By-Law.


These Bye Laws are subject to addition, cancellation and revision as deemed necessary by the Club Managing Committee.

 I confirm that this document supercedes any previous version of the Club By-Laws.

24th April 2023